A step to another

I can say that July 25th, 2014 was one of the biggest day ever in my life. I got my bachelor of design with ‘A’ score for my final project (it wasn’t a big deal actually, lots of my friends got it too). I know, it wasn’t an ending,  it was the beginning for the rougher and rougher route in my life.

I didn’t have any nerve to face the future, to be honest. I’m in flush for a while, then I become scare and anxious about it. I try to string up what will I do next. So many –so much even I can’t count it– things I want to do, but I don’t know which step I should take first. For real is, I’m too lazy.
Well, despite the laziness I have, I gotta try real harder than  could. I gotta run faster than anyone should. I have my dreams, that thing will guide me to somewhere I belong where somewhere I’ll be.
Now, I can say that one of my dreams just became true: bachelor of design in my hand. I’ll take my step to another. Just wait, till I breathe under the sky I’m dreaming of. Wait, till the whole world know how this dreamer can reach her dreams.






Ps: I really appreciate all of them who support me, I feel so blessed for having them in my life. Not only those who’s in frame but all of them who always inspiring me, gimme strength and also for everyone who teach me about lucky  and unlucky in life, whose gimme up and down feeling, they who talk behind me about good side or even bad side of me. I love them all, no matter what they did, all the way they came has effect for me which is the reason of good or bad. And the most special thanks of course belongs to Mr. Mugianto and Mrs. Chotimah. Those two people is my strongest power. The best parents I could ask for. And I never forget about my little boy Bayu. He always make me proud as his sister, he always got higher score in school than what I could get. Afterwards, he always look up on me, I can tell. I hope he always doing well, I made lots of mistakes that I don’t want he will.

Lots lost love for all my buddies, I DO love you all. Hope you guys always doing great yet amazing.


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