About Me


Hi There,

I’m Young, Trust me!! HahahahaOke, well. I was born in really tiny city called Purbalingga, twenty something ago hahaha. Then, I went here, Bandung to study Visual Communication Design.

I love art, design, animation and photography. I doing art and design all the time, ehmm actually not really “all” but almost all. I love watching animation film and yeah, I hope someday I can make great animation. I love photography, landscape photography. Capturing “unlife” things become “life” or sometimes capturing how-beautiful-this-world-is.

I love traveling, as-hell! I really enjoying around. Going somewhere new, learn something new and meet someone new :p. My Favorite place to is beach! I love beach, a lot! I really enjoying when wind blow my hair, when water touch my skin and when sun shine a light. And the best part of beach of course is sunset. I love when sky become colorfull. orange, red, pink and ah~ it’s sooooo amazing. And yeah, I love the romantics atmosphere when sunset comes.

And then. I love listening music. I am the music listener hahaha. I love to listening various music genre, various singer or band. I listening Maroon 5 a lot these day, but I have various songs in my playlist :) .


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