Entah apa yang ada di otak gue kemaren itu, lagi tiduran, ngeliatin kamar yang udah lama nggak ditempatin (kamar gue dirumah, red). Kosong, nggak ada apa-apa, cuma kasur, lemari, meja sama ac dipojokan deket kamar mandi. Iseng, gue liat dinding kamar gue yang bercat biru (well, semua dikamar gue serba biru actually mulai dari sikat gigi sampai seprai selimut), masih bersih gaada tempelan apapun. Gue akhirnya mikir, ‘gue harus ngegambar sesuatu disini, sesuatu yang bisa selalu ngingetin gue akan mimpi gue sendiri’ dan viola~ gue turun ke bawah keruang tamu ngomong ke bokap kalo gue pengen ngegambarin dinding kamar gue. Luckily ayah ngijinin dan malah ngasih sekaleng cat minyak sama segepok kuas yg sebenernya ukurannya sama aja.
Hal pertama yang langsung muncul di otak gue adalah golden gate bridge. Gue ngesketch pake pencil langsung ditembok. Ini pertama kali gue gambar pake cat minyak, ditembok dan ukurannya gede.

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Mungkin kalau denger kata “Angel” yang langsung terlintas di benak kita adalah seorang wanita cantik, anggun, bersayap serta berhati mulia. Tapi yang akan gue tulis disini bukanlah tipe Angel yang seperti itu.
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Bye 2013!


Well, here we are. In the end of 2013. What have you done? What do you think about 2013? Is it cool? Atau biasa aja, nothing special? Atau bahkan being terrible year ever!?

For me, 2013 is stand out year! I done many things. I did something new. Bahkan gue ngerasa I found my “next plan” tahun ini. I did many things that I think I can’t. But, everything not going smoothly, tetep ada aja yang salah dan nggak sesuai rencana, but I think it wasn’t big problem either. Continue reading

December, My Month!

hallo december

Alohaa December!! Glad you finally come. Oh Gosh, is it already the end of 2013, seriously time flies. It was like yesterday I was celebrate new year in Kampung Gajah and enjoying fireworks and now already almost the end of 2013.

Actually I am exited when December coming. Why? Of course because December is my month, my birthday LOL. Hopefully this month gonna be amazing and wonderful. I love to know what will happen this month, I wish I can past this year with well done.

I don’t have wishlist for december. I just wish my family and me and all people I loves be health, always getting bless from ALLOH SWT, and everything according to plan. My will going smooth and step by step I can be closer and closer with my dreams.

Still hoping for someone gonna be my birthday’s gift LOL. But seriously, not really. I not really care about “having-someone”, all I do and want for reaching my dreams. Pursue my will. There’s sooooo many things I should clear and I should start ASAP!  Because I realize I just f*cking sit down here without doing something. I should MOVE! for A, for J, for S and for many things I will face in the future.

Ayayyyy December. Be Nice with me. Be Kind with me. Be my TRULY month. Love you Dec!



I Miss You

Dear yu…

I know this is crazy and not make sense but… Oh well, what if I told that “I miss you”? Will you believe me? or maybe you’ll laugh at me and said “are you kidding me?” meh! I’m not. I truly miss you, I don’t know why. It was short time to know you, to spent time with you but you teach me more than anything. Ha-ha, maybe I’m not kind of “special person” who you met in your long journey (?) but I don’t know why I always into you. Having chat with you, even just text even we separate by billion miles. We have different world, different language, different culture and different “view” of Gods. But still, I into you for million billion times. I miss you, just it. Never thought ’bout this before. I thought you were same, you just a jerk who come to me, to my world. But you’re not! I guarantee! Yu, can we meet again? can we just like that day? talk and walk together, just two of us. I miss you Yu…


“kita adalah sepasang sepatu
selalu bersama tak bisa bersatu
kita mati bagai tak berjiwa
bergerak karena kaki manusia

aku sang sepatu kanan
kamu sang sepatu kiri
ku senang bila diajak berlari kencang
tapi aku takut kamu kelelahan
ku tak masalah bila terkena hujan
tapi aku takut kamu kedinginan

kita sadar ingin bersama
tapi tak bisa apa-apa
terasa lengkap bila kita berdua
terasa sedih bila kita di rak berbeda
di dekatmu kotak bagai nirwana
tapi saling sentuh pun kita tak berdaya

 cinta memang banyak bentuknya, mungkin tak semua bisa bersatu”

Well, that was the lyric of Tulus’s new song. This song will come with his upcoming album that will release on September next month. This song talk about love. About two people who love each other but can’t be unite. Sad song actually, but the way he sang not that kind of miserable or mellow. His way to sang in jazzy style make this song catchy and not “kacangan”.

He already sang this song on Konser Diorama Tulus in Bandung (Dago, Tea House) and on Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2013. This song isn’t release yet, it will be there on his second album.

This song make a implementation from a pair of shoes who always together but can’t be unite, can’t have same step and moving by human foot. Like forbidden love. LOL.


Let’s check out the song, here:

Hi, August!

hi, august!

Well, today is first day on August and I have many many wish for this month. Actually, I was begin the day with a little bit problem. I was angry, super angry with myself. I mad with my friend. She, well she’s not close friend, actually, but she was made me disappointed. Arrgghhh I hate being trust with wrong person. I won’t believe in her anymore. Seriously, I mad with myself who depended on her, I shouldn’t!

Well well, move on. This post is about “August Wish” and here my wish for this whole month. Continue reading

It was last night dream :)

Dear, you 🙂

I had a dream last night, it was about you and me. That was wonderful and amazing dream for me. You and I, in a beautiful place, I don’t know it was beach or lake, I’m not sure, but the things I really remember was, you hold my hand and we walk around together. You say, that you were broke up with your girl. That place (an beautiful place that I don’t know where) just reminds you about her, but I didn’t saw something miserable on your face. You where smile brightly and talk to me kindly.

I remember too, your friends was there. Your friends that I know them, know their face and their name and I had small chit chat before. They shouted of us, one of them told me that I should comfort you because you were trouble with broken heart. And I did, even I didn’t know the way how to make you feel better actually, but when you asked me to go with you, then I go. Even that time I was playing water with my friends. I go with you, my friends was stared on us. I didn’t care. We were holding hand.

We walk around the beach or lake (I’m not sure about it), actually I realized that was just a dream, I don’t know why I know that was just dream. But in my dream, that something like that just never show up on real life. I tried to trowed away that feel, doubt feel about real or dream. I enjoy the time with you, your warm hand were tightly hold my cold hand. Ah, I remember, that time, I wear short pants and tank top, my hair was drenched because I was playing water just then. I was worried about that, about what you thought about my physical but when I saw the smile on your face, I’m sure you hadn’t worry about it. I’m glad.

I knew it was a dream, even last night, when that dream just come. I knew it, for sure! but what I remember was, We were holding hand. So sweet. So imaginative. So good to be real. But, can I? Can I wish the dream became true? Can I wish that one day we can able to holding hand, walking together not only in my dream, but also for real? Can I?  As one, as future.




Do you know Bigbang? Well, if you dunno who they are, just googling it. Lately one of Bigbang’s member D-lite a.k.a Daesung release his newest solo song called I LOVE YOU. This song is original soundtrack of Japanese Drama with same title. Actually, I’m falling in with this song, so much! Okay, I like Bigbang but the reason why I’m falling love with this song is because this song, arrrrhhg I dunno what I call it. I don’t know the meaning of this song, but I feel so breaking when I listening to I love You, it’s so heartbreaking!

Seriously if you were broken heart, like me, just go to YouTube and search I love you by D-lite. The song using Japanese language. Hahaha The words that I know of this song is just “I love You” and “kono heya” the rest? I don’t know at all.

And in YouTube you’ll found the short version of this MV but I’ll give you the full MV/PV. Here we go~

I love You – D-Lite (Full PV)