“I thought I really shouldn’t get into a romantic relationship. I don’t have a lot of interest in relationships now either. It doesn’t mean I’ve never dated anyone. It’s just… I haven’t loved anyone deeply enough to consider it a relationship.” – Youngbae


Aku menyukainya, bahkan jauh sebelum dia mengenalku. Aku mulai merindukannya, bahkan sebelum dia mengingat namaku. Dan aku mulai mencintainya, bahkan sebelum dia merasakan kehadiranku.

it was hurt me …

it was hurt me saw you both

Last night, I was dreamed about you (again). But this time was different from the last before. This time, I was saw you and your girl in one frame on photo. You both looked so happy for having each other. Gosh, it was hurt me. Even I already broken, but I heard something crack inside there. Just, why?