Just realize, what I really want isn’t about going to some places, getting feed by people about everything. I miss getting lost, going somewhere new, the place that I know nothing but very basic information. Meeting local people, sharing and hearing their stories, stay till late night just to share the laughs with some other travelers, try to figure out how things work, and find my very own way to get the place I want.

The photo was taken by Rara, and the kids on the frame is Ben (not his actually name, but people call him that way) he was my guide when me and Rara traveled together (just to of us) to the island.

(Don’t have other locals’ documentation because accidentally formatted my hard drive 😭) – with Tesara

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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect


Someone recently asked me if I could go back and give my younger self one piece of advice what it would be. I thought really hard about this and decided that it would be that I didn’t have to be perfect. I didn’t have to get everything right, succeed at everything I tried to do, go through life without making any mistakes. That it didn’t matter if I messed up sometimes.

Those who know me will tell you how dippy I am. I’m always getting lost, I forget people’s names and on one memorable occasion I was teaching a class at university for ten minutes before I realised I was in the wrong room! If any of you have read my blog posts such as the one about The Giraffe-Cow you’ll know all about my D’oh Moments (I took the baby giraffe on a school visit with me, thinking it…

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Ketika Waisak Jadi Obyek Wisata


Lagi, prosesi tahunan tri suci Waisak 2557/2013 digelar di Candi Mendut Borobudur 24-25 Mei. Itu berarti bahwa wilayah di sekitar Mendut-Borobudur bakal dipenuhi orang. Tak hanya umat Buddhis, tapi juga para maniak fotografer yang mengalir mirip bah, wisatawan lokal maupun luar, serta masyarakat lokal.


Di negara yang penganut Buddha-nya banyak misalnya, Waisak diperingati dengan sakral, penuh hormat, dan hening. Hal semacam ini sulit ditemui pada peringatan Waisak di Mendut-Borobudur. Waisak di sini lebih mirip atraksi wisata, hiburan buat masyarakat awam. Ada pasar malam yang digelar di sepanjang bagian luar Candi Borobudur hingga Mendut yang dipenuhi ribuan orang. Ada dengking, pekik kebisingan dari suara motor, orang berbincang, yang kerap mengganggu jalannya pujabakti yang digelar di pelataran Candi Mendut di malam hari. Sepintas, sungguh mirip sekaten Jogja. Bukan ritual agama.

Di negeri ini, perayaan agama minoritas kerap dipandang sebelah mata. Bukannya dihormati pelaksanaannya, malah dijadikan atraksi wisata. Para penikmat ritual, entah wisatawan…

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