Mungkin kalau denger kata “Angel” yang langsung terlintas di benak kita adalah seorang wanita cantik, anggun, bersayap serta berhati mulia. Tapi yang akan gue tulis disini bukanlah tipe Angel yang seperti itu.
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Protected: They Don’t Know

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Bye 2013!


Well, here we are. In the end of 2013. What have you done? What do you think about 2013? Is it cool? Atau biasa aja, nothing special? Atau bahkan being terrible year ever!?

For me, 2013 is stand out year! I done many things. I did something new. Bahkan gue ngerasa I found my “next plan” tahun ini. I did many things that I think I can’t. But, everything not going smoothly, tetep ada aja yang salah dan nggak sesuai rencana, but I think it wasn’t big problem either. Continue reading

December, My Month!

hallo december

Alohaa December!! Glad you finally come. Oh Gosh, is it already the end of 2013, seriously time flies. It was like yesterday I was celebrate new year in Kampung Gajah and enjoying fireworks and now already almost the end of 2013.

Actually I am exited when December coming. Why? Of course because December is my month, my birthday LOL. Hopefully this month gonna be amazing and wonderful. I love to know what will happen this month, I wish I can past this year with well done.

I don’t have wishlist for december. I just wish my family and me and all people I loves be health, always getting bless from ALLOH SWT, and everything according to plan. My will going smooth and step by step I can be closer and closer with my dreams.

Still hoping for someone gonna be my birthday’s gift LOL. But seriously, not really. I not really care about “having-someone”, all I do and want for reaching my dreams. Pursue my will. There’s sooooo many things I should clear and I should start ASAP!  Because I realize I just f*cking sit down here without doing something. I should MOVE! for A, for J, for S and for many things I will face in the future.

Ayayyyy December. Be Nice with me. Be Kind with me. Be my TRULY month. Love you Dec!



Potrait Photography (Edited)

Semester ini gue ngambil mata kuliah pilihan fotografi. Well, sejauh ini gue menikmati mata kuliah ini dibanding matakuliah pilihan yang gue juga ambil semester ini. ha-ha. Dua minggu yang lalu gue dapet tugas buat ngambil potrait photography, waktu yang dikasih cuma sekitar setengah jam lebih, atually dosen gue Pak Rizky ngasih waktunya dua jam, cumaaannn karena gue telat lebih dari satu jam (well, gue emang doyan telat kalau kuliah hehehe :D) jadi waktu yang kesisa cuma setengah jam lebih.

Sebenernya gue nggak begitu tau tau amat ini tugasnya suruh ngapain soalnya karena gue telat jadi gue langsung keluar kelas dan nyari “korban”. Tadinya gue asal ngambil foto orang-orang yang lewat di koridor kampus, eh taunya anak-anak yang lain pada ngambil foto temen sekelas. Sooo this is my potrait photography: Continue reading


Well, ini adalah pertama kalinya gue keluar negeri. Yay!!!! (Ketauan katroknya-,-). Kata orang kalau mau belajar backpacking ke luar negeri cobain dulu ke Singapore, and I did it as well :p. Dan ditanggal 06 Oktober 2014, gue seorang diri pergi ke Jakarta (dari bandung) buat ke Bandara Soe-ta. Dan seperti perjalanan yang sudah-sudah, perjalanan kali ini gue juga pake tiket pesawat promo dari Air Asia :p. Well, ini cukup murah, cuma sekitar Rp. 600.000 (+ Insurance yang sebenernya kalau nggak mau beli juga nggak apa-apa, but well, gue beli, huft).

Sebenernya gue perginya berdua sama temen gue Ria, tapi kebetulan kita nggak dapet flight yang sama, so kita pergi masing masing dan ketemuan disana, it was a bit scary tho. But luckily di pesawat gue dapet kenalan orang sebelah gue, namanya mba Asty, she’s so kind and doi kerja jadi editor disalah satu penerbitan besar di Indonesia, inisialnya GM. Impressed deh gue, to be told, gue dulu pernah bercita-cita buat jadi seorang author tapi kayaknya makin gede, makin jarang nulis, makin ilang hasrat gue buat jadi author (to be honest kemampuan pun sudah tak mumpuni -,-). Gue sempet tukeran kontak sama mba Asti ini, soalnya doi bilang siapa tau gue bisa jadi freelance illustrator buat cover buku dll.

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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect


Someone recently asked me if I could go back and give my younger self one piece of advice what it would be. I thought really hard about this and decided that it would be that I didn’t have to be perfect. I didn’t have to get everything right, succeed at everything I tried to do, go through life without making any mistakes. That it didn’t matter if I messed up sometimes.

Those who know me will tell you how dippy I am. I’m always getting lost, I forget people’s names and on one memorable occasion I was teaching a class at university for ten minutes before I realised I was in the wrong room! If any of you have read my blog posts such as the one about The Giraffe-Cow you’ll know all about my D’oh Moments (I took the baby giraffe on a school visit with me, thinking it…

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I Miss You

Dear yu…

I know this is crazy and not make sense but… Oh well, what if I told that “I miss you”? Will you believe me? or maybe you’ll laugh at me and said “are you kidding me?” meh! I’m not. I truly miss you, I don’t know why. It was short time to know you, to spent time with you but you teach me more than anything. Ha-ha, maybe I’m not kind of “special person” who you met in your long journey (?) but I don’t know why I always into you. Having chat with you, even just text even we separate by billion miles. We have different world, different language, different culture and different “view” of Gods. But still, I into you for million billion times. I miss you, just it. Never thought ’bout this before. I thought you were same, you just a jerk who come to me, to my world. But you’re not! I guarantee! Yu, can we meet again? can we just like that day? talk and walk together, just two of us. I miss you Yu…