Randomly found this post on my facebook’s timeline:


Then, automatically I start argue with myself: what will I told to younger me? And I found the answer is: nothing. I guess the younger me had great job for became me today. I’m not good enough, neither perfect. But I’m pretty happy and proud became who I am today. I’m not yet successful. I don’t have something I regret the most that I want to change. I made a lot of mistakes as young me, sometimes I thought to go back and change all over, but then I realized that everything had happened on the past that was made me today. I didn’t think that I’m already became ‘awesome’ like artist, entrepreneur or whatever they are out there. I just feel happy became Desy Setyowati, a daughter of my parents (Mugianto a.k.a Jumanto and Chotimah) and I’m happy became ‘designer will be’ which is I am a big dreamer.

So, if I MUST say something to younger me, I basically will say: Stay You!

What about you? If you could say to your youngerself in only two words, what will you say?